The Image of Christ

by Hannah Philio

What is lost in not only anti-Christian circles but also Christian circles is a realistic view of what Christ is, just as what all examples of piety are. History, even when it comes to things we have records of, interviews of, and photographs of, changes, and all we can do is utilize the image of the idol we remember to improve ourselves and our communities.

To be fair, however, the problem with the image of Christ is primary modern Christians’ fault because they tend to try to legitimize the folktales which drags others into focusing on the legitimacy of the stories. Again, all of that is somewhat irrelevant to the primary point of the image of Christ.

Was he a good man? Presumably so. Was he compassionate? Presumably so. It is then not our jobs to understand what he defined compassion as – we all have our own definitions, and should peacefully subscribe to our own definitions with the example of a man who followed his own definition. It is in trying to find that one universal motive that Christ had that causes all the trouble, because one group says this while another says that, and this is where conflict arises.

The notion that we, as humans, require outside assistance to guide our social culture is in itself one of the largest insults to our intelligence. We sit in awe of 3D documentaries of animals that live in huge herds in perfect harmony, and have for thousands of years, without any means of receiving outside influence into how to govern their moral behavior. They are driven by the need to survive, and for most mammals this means co-existing with our brethren.

The need to co-exist, I am convinced, is the methodology that most intelligent human beings swing towards. I believe my definition of compassion is similar to what Christ’s would have been, for it relates to prioritizing our survival and understanding that this can only be achieved, on an individual basis, if we operate as one. This is why religion is, and always will be a problem. It is a dogmatic system of beliefs that tries to create one set of rules for a millions different people, and examples of its failures are starting to show dramatically, from blacks to gays to divorce and abortion. Cracks seep into any fundamental belief because there is only one fundamental truth about all species on the planet: They Evolve.