Dreams: Are they useless or meaningful?

by Hannah Philio

Dogs dream, cats dream, and the question is, what is the purpose of dreams? Do they throw us into a different thinking mode where we tap into some invisible connection with reality, or ourselves?

Freud inescapably linked almost everything in dreams to some sexual desire, and fully believed that human sexuality was an inherently destructive force which, if unleashed, would destroy us all. He looked at the human brain and mind as something that needed to be controlled, like an animal.

His reasoning for this most likely came from repression in his own life, for the modern thinking is irrefutably more geared towards the notion that it is in fact repression that causes destructive forces. Therefore, perhaps dreams provide us a means of seeing inside ourselves to witness what is being repressed even though we have totally forgotten it.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that everything in dreams is sexual, just like not everything in reality is sexual. I have had a variety of dreams, some which are scary, some which involve me, and others which are completely alien to me, as if someone was playing a movie in my head.

What is certain is that somehow dreams mimic reality in some tangible manner, and so much so that sometimes we can’t tell one from the other. The lucidity of some dreams keeps us confused for minutes after awakening, and this powerful ability to step outside of ourselves, lose our identity and experience life as another person is tremendous.