Atheism is not Intimidating

by Hannah Philio

Ever since Richard Dawkins wrote the god delusion and started making speeches and going on TV, there has been an increase in awareness regarding the concept of atheism. However, what a lot of theists misunderstand is that atheism is not a rigid methodology. Quite to the contrary, it isn’t about denouncing theology… it’s about pursuing a path that is more truthful, and therefore, ironically, more righteous.

As a result of this we have the misinterpretation that somehow atheism is rigidly mathematical, or only based on prove-able facts. Perhaps some atheists flaunt it as such, but these guys are no more honest than a fundamentalist Christian is. The fact of the matter is that you don’t have to be one way or the other. As will all new discoveries and changes in societal methods of thinking, all you have to do is contemplate different ideas, and question habits and beliefs that we think we know to be true.

It isn’t meant to undermine anyone’s sense of personal security but instead enhance it with the slow seepage of knowledge and information. Time and tested methodologies, such as believing in Jesus or thinking that all the good things you’ve done will result in something fantastic when you die are things you may subconsciously base your whole life on. Accordingly, don’t throw it all away – maybe being good can get you something even better than what religion has to offer.